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Smart Lighting

CASA CCT Tunable Drivers

CASA 18W CCT 3 in 1 LED Tunable Drivers gives the flexibility to choose from three colors - warm white, cool white, normal white and intensity.

CASA CCT Driver.png

CASA RGBW Controller

Play with Colours as much as you like, Our RGBW Controller lets you choose from any of the 16million colors in the RGBW Spectrum

casa RGB controller.png

CASA Bi-Channel Dimmable Drivers

Elevate your home ambience with Dimmable lights and adjust the intensity with CASA App or Voice Commands

CASA CCT Driver.png

CASA CCT Controller

Adjust the Color temperature and the Brightness of LED Lights or Strips as per your mood and ambiance with CCT Controllers.

casa RGB controller.png
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